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Central air conditioning systems are a staple in many US homes, but several homeowners find themselves brainstorming ways to conceal the heavy unit. Many landscaping techniques can help hide these metal boxes, but property owners need to be well-versed in where and how to plant near an air conditioning unit. You want to be sure to plant far enough away from the box itself so that leaves and other botanical sprouts do not crowd any air vents. When the vents become obstructed, homeowners end up paying hefty repair fees overtime.

Key Takeaways:

  • Air conditioning units can be obtrusive, bulky, oddly-shaped, and unsightly.
  • Landscaping can strategically place greenery to help hide the AC unit from view.
  • Plants should not be placed too close to the unit, as they can restrict airflow and damage components.

“Crowding plants too near the condenser can result in higher repair costs and reduce the life of the AC.”

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