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More and more people are planning theme parties, weddings and corporate events that take place in tents. Adding the extra flair with lighting that creates the right mood plays a major role in the design of these events. To make your tent events real memory makers, discover all the lighting options available.

Add focus to a central area of a tent with portable chandeliers. There also are some great products that simulate a chandelier. These units feature huge, round bulbs and typically hang from pole-style tents.

Freestanding lights
Freestanding lights allow designers to create little settings or scenes in different areas the tent, such as a park bench with flowers beside Victorian-style street lamp. Many styles are available, and can really set the scene.

Suspension lights
This donut-shaped electrical box slides on the center pole of a tent. Four lights surround the box. One option is to use halogen lights that shine up into the tent ceiling. Another option is to use decorative glow bulbs.

Colored lights

  • Colored lighting is a way to add drama or flair
  • Shine colored gel lights up from inside large potted plants.
  • Achieve an avant-garde look with back lighting that shines through theatrical screens or background panels of stretched materials.
  • Popular tent ceiling accent colors are lavender and pink. These colors soften the mood of the tent’s interior.
  • Use colored lighting carefully. For example, don’t illuminate food tables with a pink light or all the food will look pink.

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