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New gardeners must be aware of the economics of their endeavor. Although the upfront costs of starting a garden are higher than many expect, through planning and wise choices, a garden can become both profitable and pleasurable. When purchasing garden equipment, opt for quality items that will last. Taking proper care of tools will help make the investment in quality items worthwhile. Gardeners can also maximize profits by letting nature provide fertilizers through composting and using natural materials for mulch. When determining the value of a garden, don’t focus solely on the money saved, but also include the emotional value of the pleasure and satisfaction that is derived from the hobby.

Key Takeaways:

  • Many home owners have an interest in backyard gardening. Be economical about the choices made while tilling a backyard garden.
  • Look for seeds from the previous year’s harvest on the ground. That can keep people from buying a packet of store seeds.
  • Low budget greenhouses are popular, but they are limited too. These budget greenhouses might only hold a few potted plants.

“Ticky-tacky greenhouses too small to hold much more than you and a few potted plants are rarely worth the price.”

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