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A homeowner muses about a seemingly never-ending saga of home repairs that were necessary around the property and all the challenges associated with the process.

Repairs such as a new roof, new cricket structure, and chimney work help the reader understand some of the complexities with home repairs and the setbacks involved with time, money, and of course patience. One major take-away from this article is that quite often repairing one portion of a house comes hand in hand with other repairs that must be dealt with at the same time.

Key Takeaways:

  • A chimney leak turns into a hefty quote to repair the chimney and a portion of the roof.
  • One water damage repair led to another until there were several renovation projects going.
  • While the projects are ongoing and at times overwhelming, the work is worth it.

“Well, we’re currently playing host to a crew of people who are replacing our old roof.”

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