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A mini skid steer is one of the most productive and versatile machines to have on a job site. When coupled with a flail mower attachment, it can be used to mow thick grass and brush. Combined with a log grapple attachment, it can clear logs and brush. Construction companies use the mini skid steer for lifting and loading, and for unexpected clean-up situations. Perhaps the greatest benefit of a mini skid steer, however, is its compact size, which enables it to go where larger machines won’t fit.

Key Takeaways:

  • A mini skid steer is one of the best things to have on any construction site.
  • It can mow grass, move logs, and even more depending on what you need.
  • Read on for more ways in which you can use this versatile machine for construction.

“Companies across the country, from construction to landscape, and HDD to tree care, have already discovered this jobsite winner. Most people are surprised to find out how many different tasks it’s capable of doing, thanks to its size and the multitude of attachments with which it can be paired.”

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