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5 stats to know about the landscape industry

When it comes to housing industries, and knowing where and when to build, one of the foremost components that must be inherently understood to make a viable decision is that of understanding that landscape industry and the factors involved in it. These stats provide insight as to how the landscape industry operates, as well as the various things that people should be taking into consideration when they contract landscapers to come work on any given project.

Key Takeaways:

  • Interested in learning about the landscape industry? It’s one which is essential, and which has been growing steadily.
  • Indeed, the industry has continued to expand out of the recession into very healthy territory.
  • And, landscape companies are also expanding beyond their traditional offerings, adding new value-added services for customers.

“Here are five stats from Lawn & Landscape’s State of the Industry issue that greenhouse growers should know, whether they are already selling to landscapers or are thinking about getting into that market.”

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