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Most of us struggle with meeting our basic needs or might even go in the opposite direction and horde too many things. In his new blog post, Brian Fortner outlines exactly why you must acquire a concrete buggy if you’re working in the construction field. From a boost in productivity during the day to minimizing the strain on the human body and even opening the doors for bigger and brighter opportunities, make sure you seize the day and spring for a durable and dependable concrete buggy.

Key Takeaways:

  • Concrete buggies are a great alternative to wheelbarrows since it’s much less physical labor.
  • These buggies increase the efficiency of a job site because it reduces travel time and lets the crew work on more important tasks.
  • Buy purchasing a concrete buggy, contractors and construction companies will have the ability to take on larger projects if they present themselves.

“With a concrete buggy, you drive up, load up the material (17+ cu. Ft.) and drive away effortlessly, in no time.”

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