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Among compact loaders, skid steers have several advantages over track loaders. The tires on skid steers operate better than tracks on hard surfaces and gain better traction in snow and ice. They are lighter than track loaders, and therefore able to move faster with higher fuel efficiency. Skid steers have extra clearance, making them suitable for rocky construction sites.  Finally, skid steers offer a variety of tire types (e.g., radial, bias) and treads patterns to fit various needs.

Key Takeaways:

  • Because they have tires rather than tracks, skid steers move better and faster and are more fuel efficient.
  • Skid steers are more fuel efficient than CTLs.
  • Skid steer tires come in a wide selection of types and tread patterns to suit a variety of needs.

“The importance and effectiveness of skid steers on the job site has grown exponentially since their inception in the 1950s (See The Skid Steer Revolution). The advent of the compact track loader (CTL) has increased the available options for operators interested in these versatile machines, which can be found on farms and job sites in every corner of the world.”

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